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Example brand partners

Use your knowledge and clever tactics to beat your friends or random opponents! Easy to learn, but hard to master.

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      Science Illustrated Quiz Battle 2

      Working with Bonnier Publications’ Science Illustrated magazine we launched the original Quiz Battle in September 2012, with a sequel in 2014. Now the game has attracted more than 4 000 000 users in the Nordics, among them 25 percent of the entire Danish population.

    • logo_stern

      stern Quiz Battle

      Stern is one of Germany’s largest weekly news magazines, published by Gruner + Jahr, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann. In 2014 we collaborated to launch stern Quiz Battle in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    • logo_historia

      Quiz Battle History

      Bonnier Publications’ Historia is the largest history magazine in Northern Europe. In early 2015 we together launched the history-focused version of Quiz Battle.

    • logo_tango

      Quiz Battle Tango

      Tango is a free messaging and video-chat application for smartphones, with more than 200 million registered users. In 2015 we worked together to bring the Quiz Battle game experience to all Tango users world-wide.

At Planeto we create fun quiz games and knowledge platforms for a worldwide audience. We love everything about knowledge and have high aspirations: we aim to become the world’s leading publisher of online trivia and knowledge-focused entertainment experiences.