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Quizima is the latest game developed by Planeto. The game is released in cooperation with different Brand Partners.

  • Science Illustrated Quizima

    The first game launched in December 2016 and was released together with Bonnier Publications. The game is available for a Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Dutch audience.

  • Nordisk Film Quizima

    Nordisk Film Quizima was developed together with the Danish film distributor Nordisk Film. The game focuses on Movie questions for a Danish audience.

  • Teknikens Värld Quizima

    The game focuses on cars, motors and famous car brands and was launched together with one of Sweden’s biggest Car and Tech magazine ”Teknikens Värld”.

  • Quizima

    This is Planeto’s own version of the game. The game is available both in Swedish and English and is marketed worldwide.


Use your knowledge and clever tactics to beat your friends or random opponents! Easy to learn, but hard to master.

  • Quiz Battle 2

    Working with Bonnier Publications’ Science Illustrated magazine we launched the original Quiz Battle in September 2012, with a sequel in 2014. The game has attracted more than 4 million users in the Nordic countries, among them 25 percent of the entire Danish population. 100 000 individuals are playing Quiz Battle 2 every month.

  • Quiz Battle History

    Bonnier Publications’ Historia is the largest history magazine in Northern Europe. In early 2015 we launched the history-focused version of Quiz Battle 2.

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